In general, an Ayurvedic massage takes a more holistic approach—aiming to relieve emotional stress more than physical stress. During a typical massage, the practitioner will likely just use his or her hands, and maybe an essential oil. In an Ayurvedic massage, essential oils are way more crucial, as is the focus on the body’s energy points rather than joints and muscles. In fact, Ayurvedic massage is sometimes referred to as an “oil massage” because of how much it relies on warm essential oils that suit an individual’s needs and dosha. In Ayurveda, the body is composed of three distinct energies, or doshas: Kapha (earth and water), Pitta (fire and water) and Vata (space and air). Each person has one dominant dosha and can keep it balanced by following a specific diet and lifestyle. 


Full body with marma [vital] points(marmabhyanga) – 75 mins – £70
Good for: relaxation, detoxification, fatigue, anxiety, nourishment to skin.

Herbal compress massage (pinda sweda) – 75 mins – £76
Good for: stiff joints and pains; arthritis; inflamed muscles; certain skin conditions.

Warm oil poured onto the third eye (shirodhara) – 30 mins – £55
Good for: relaxation; insomnia; tension; stress; chronic colds; vata imbalance.

Lower leg & foot treatment (padabhyanga) – 30 minutes – £36
Good for: relaxation, vitality, blood circulation, mums-to-be, after a flight.

Head/Neck/Arm Treatment (shirobhyanga) – 30 mins – £38
Good for: stress; strain; migraine; hair condition.

Detox scrub (udvartana) – 45 mins – £45
Good for: exfoliation; poor blood circulation; cellulite; kapha imbalance.

Detox (add on to a massage treatment) – £25


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